by Bustamante Industrial Trade Union


Jamaica: Women trade union leaders preparing for the future

Participants of BITU´s workshop

The Bustamante Industrial Trade Union (BITU), a BWI affiliate in Jamaica, held a successful gender workshop: “Women in Decent, Sustainable Jobs: Equipped for Tomorrow´s Working World”, in Kingston, Jamaica.

The workshop objective was to enhance capacity of women in construction in Jamaica, including young women currently being trained in the construction, material and allied sectors. The purpose was to empower women who are entering the ‘new world of work’. Greater women’s economic participation improves national economies, increases household productivity and living standards and enhances the wellbeing of children. It has a positive long-term impact.

Fifteen women attended the event, which was designed to empower female workers to participate in the new world of work be prepared for its changes. Seventy per cent of the presentations were done by females and approximately 75 per cent of the participants were under 35 years of age. The group included persons who were already in construction, entering construction, trainees in construction or educators in construction. Participants were from several disciplines; electrical, general construction, plumbing, carpentry, etc.

The BWI 1st substitute for Group 29 (Caribbean subregion) of the Regional Youth Committee, Ms. Krishendaye Dorie, Chair of Group 29 of the Regional Women’s Committee, Ms. Shandra Harriott, and 1st substitute of Group 29 of the Regional Committee, Mr. Collin Virgo, were presenters.

Participants examined the ILO’s Decent Work Agenda and reviewed the provisions under law that protect female construction workers including planned, future provisions. They also considered the challenges and opportunities presented by migrant work. Experts from the Jamaican legal fraternity and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security delivered remarks on key topics at the workshop.